Air Condition Compressor Buzzing Noise

Is your Air Condition Compressor buzzing noise annoying you? It’s like a buzzing noise which doesn’t seem to stop even after you hit your air conditioner. It’s actually the noise of the compressor inside the air conditioner, and it indicates there might be some problem.

Air condition compressor buzzing noise usually comes from the fan outside the window. The problems can range from failing motor, loose wiring, arching connections, or at worse, might be burning of the fan contractor relay switch. At times, the issue might just be the noise of the compressor crankcase.

Here are a few suggestions on diagnosing the problem and how to fix it by yourself. A note of warning before the readers proceed – If you are not an expert with electrical applications, then a professional should be called for fixing it.

Why is my Air Condition Compressor Making a Buzzing Noise?

Malfunctioning Compressor

The compressor is that unit in the AC which keeps the air compressed and cool. The buzzing sound can be heard only when there is some issue with the compressor. It might be also possible that current is not passing through the tool properly, leading it to low voltage. Below is the list of possibilities that can happen with a malfunctioned compressor-

The compressor might be losing the cooling capacity, and you can start by checking the pressure gauges. The information manual will have a guide on the correct pressure reading when the AC is at its best functioning. The gauges can be changed or the air pressure can be adjusted to fix this issue.

There might be wear and tear of the compressor due to prolonged usage. It might also cause due to abnormal voltage, which might have caused the compressor to burn. It can be fixed by either changing the compressor or replacing the gauge ports.

We here at Worlock Air Conditioning know it can be as simple as, there might an issue with the fuse at your house. Try replacing the fuse if your compressor is affected due to voltage fluctuation.

Missing Or Damaged Isolation Feet

The AC is usually mounted on the wall and the compressor of the AC is attached with a rubber feet, which is called an isolation feet. With prolonged and continuous use, the rubber might wear out and the fitting would eventually get lose. When there is a lack of balance on the wall, whenever the air conditioner or compressor is turned on, it might make noises. This problem can be fixed by replacing the isolation feet.


Frozen AC Units

Your air conditioner is prone to freezing, despite the irony that it is meant to be used during summers. Frozen AC units are a result of gas or refrigerant leaks from the compressor or blockage of the air vents. This also causes buzzing noise as the compressor is unable to turn the coils properly.

If this is the problem, then you should defrost the equipment with a blower. Make sure not doing it with your bare hands as it might damage other equipment. Once the coils are defrosted, seeks for water blockage surrounding the units. Try to drain the water out and then clean the area properly. If the problem is due to gas leak, then find the leak spot, fix the tool and fill in the required amount of gas needed in the compressor.