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Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist

Always being on top of the condition of your home’s appliances is crucial. Doing thorough inspections of these appliances regularly can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. One of the most crucial appliances you should always check on is your furnace. It is advised to undertake gas furnace inspection at least two times a year. Below is a gas furnace inspection checklist that you can use to maintain the quality of what keeps your home cozy.

Gas Furnace Inspection ChecklistAir Conditioning

Sooty Furnace – Cracked Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers wear out with age and start to develop cracks. Regular maintenance is necessary to fix the cracks and leaks that can contaminate the air quality in your home.

Improper Combustion – Dirty Burners

You will notice this when your gas furnace produces a yellow flame. The incomplete combustion means that the gas furnace is not receiving enough oxygen, usually due to blockage by soot and condensation.

A Fan Keeps Running, But No Heat Produced – Faulty Fan Switch

With a defective fan switch, the hot air from the heater will not be circulated in the room. A broken switch can also cause the furnace to cool down when it should be heating up.

Pilot Light Keeps Going Out – Dirty and Worn Pilot & Pilot Assembly

The furnace will stop working altogether if the dirty pilot and pilot assembly are not cleaned and replaced. Most of the soot and dirt accumulate in the pilot’s orifices.

Failed Safety Controls

A gas furnace can be a dangerous installation without properly working safety controls. It is essential to schedule a regular inspection to ensure that components such as the circuit breakers and limit switches are working correctly. Faulty control and safeties can lead to furnace malfunction and increased operational cost.

Gas Leaks – Corroded Gas Lines

Gas lines and their valve fittings can incur corrosion and become leaky. You will notice that your furnace erodes a rotten egg smell. This is usually an emergency situation, and immediate evacuation and repair are needed.

Blocked Air Openings

Blocked or restricted combustion air openings can be dangerous. If not fixed, this problem can lead to gas wastage, hiked energy bills and a sooty chimney.

Flue Condensation – Flue Pipe Corrosion

Flue pipe corrosion or leaks are dangerous. If they exist, your home will be at risk of toxicity due to the fumes radiated.

Furnace Not Keeping Up With Extreme Cold Weather – Temperatures & Performance

To stop energy waste, you will need to inspect and record the temperature and performance of your gas furnace. Improving performance involves cleaning air filters and vents.

Carbon Monoxide Contamination – Secure All Panels

Your furnace should never operate when the panels are open. You will run the risk of carbon monoxide contamination. Regular inspection is necessary to repair loose panels.

Cranky Motors & Bearings- Lubrication Needed

Without proper lubrication, all rerating equipment on a gas furnace will eventually fail.

Lose Belts & Pulleys – Replacement Needed

Replacement or tightening of pulleys and belts is necessary to reduce operational costs and improve the compressors’ life

Gas Furnace Electrical Problems

Excess voltage and amp draw is the main cause of electrical problems that can hike operational costs and reduce the lifespan of the motors.

Gas Furnace Not Working – Faulty Thermostat

Even after checking that everything is right, but your furnace still isn’t functioning properly; the problem might lie in the thermostat. The thermostat needs proper calibration and cleaning to communicate with the furnace in heating your home.

Bottom Line

A gas furnace inspection checklist includes inspecting the heat-exchanger, cleaning burners, replacing switch fans, inspecting safety controls, corroded gas lines, loose belts and pulleys and solving gas furnace electrical problems. In order to maintain a reliable gas furnace, it is advised to do this sort of inspection multiple times in a year. HVAC experts at Worlock Air Conditioning offer a variety of heating and furnace maintenance options if you find yourself in need of professional help.